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I have to confess that the main - if not only - attraction for me was the name Zabou Breitman in the cast list and as it turned out Breitman had a relatively small role as the mother of the leading character. I've yet to see Breitman in a bad movie whether one of her own - she is, of course, a writer/director/actress and wrote and directed the sublime Se Souvenirs des belles choses - which, if she never did anything else, would assure her a seat at the top table in Movie Heaven, and nor is she here. Baden, Baden will not appeal to everyone being a series of vignettes rather than a dynamic story with a beginning, a middle and an end, but in focusing on an unsettled twenty-six year old who doesn't know where she is going, wants to go, let alone how to get there, the film opts to meet her on her own terms and follow her rambling. I enjoyed the ride. What can I tell you.

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