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As with every martial arts film I watch, I really wanted to enjoy this movie but I ended up being a bit disappointed. It's adequate for the genre but never particularly exciting or profound; there's plentiful action, sure, but none of it really stands out. Anyone hoping for some of the '80s-style craziness that Ho would later dabble in are sure to be disappointed by this film's resolutely ordinary unfolding. STRIKE OF THE THUNDERKICK TIGER is a contemporary Hong Kong martial arts film put out in 1978 by the infamous IFD Film & Arts studio. No director is credited here, but it seems inevitable that Godfrey Ho would be the man behind the madness. This is a cheap vehicle for high kicking star Casanova Wong, saddled with an awful joke shop moustache, ill fitting suit, and bowl haircut, as he goes up against a criminal gang who think nothing of committing murder to achieve their goals.