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La fille du RER






A feckless young woman, Jeanne, lives with her mother in the suburbs of Paris and loves roller-blading. Looking for work, Jeanne applies for a position with an activist Jewish lawyer, Bleistein, a former admirer of her mother's - but she prepares badly, tells fibs to cover her shortcomings and is caught out. After failing to get the job, Jeanne impulsively hooks up with an edgy tattooed wrestler, Frank, who also loves roller-blading, and they soon become lovers. Some time later a friend of Frank's asks the pair to house-sit an apartment above his electronics warehouse while he's away on vacation, but unknown to Jeanne, the warehouse is a drug-dealing front and Frank is in on the deal. One day, while Jeanne is out, Frank is seriously wounded by a buyer, and as a consequence both of them are arrested. Despite facing a long sentence, Frank convinces the police of his girlfriend's innocence - but blames her for his bad luck and callously ends their relationship. Jeanne's response to this rejection is somewhat extreme. She gives herself some shallow cuts and daubs a Nazi swastika on her body in a mirror, before claiming that she'd been mistaken for a Jew, and attacked by some anti-semitic thugs. Her story creates a press sensation, but soon falls apart when the police scrutinize her account. Jeanne stubbornly refuses to recant, so her mother contacts Bleistein to help elicit a confession. The two women pay a visit to the lawyer's country home, and after a stormy night of self-examination, Jeanne decides to face the music - whereupon she receives a light sentence and roller-blades off into an unknown future.