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Che piace parlare con te in italian. This movie was absolutely amazing. I just finished watching this movie and omg I can't describe my feelings. it made feel shocked and speechless. I really sympathized with the family but at the same time, I felt sorry for those who got fired because of them. I find it really difficult to categorize the movie. This movie is a combination of romance, horror, comedy, and drama. I still don't get the ending of the movie. Did the son buy the house or did he plan to buy it? What happened to the son's girlfriend who was her tutor? what happened to her is she still in love with him.

@raindancerist yeh it has. Same year as the 1st one I think. The house looks the same with John Wick's House, or it's just me. I think this is one of the best korea movie I've ever watched! We still think about it days after 😅. The ending is so beautifully sad, I kept on thinking about it ever since I've watched it. Che is everything noble in the human spirit. An eternal flame that burns in the hearts of millions - that flame can never be extinguished. If a heaven didn't exist before Oct 9 1967, then one would have had to be created. solely for Che Guevara.

Piao cheng.


During the every next chapter (or part) of the movie I was just becoming more and more speechless. Every single turnaround makes you open your eyes stunningly. Great job 💪🎬. Loved this movie. A masterpiece indeed. Hes an icon to revolutionary groups (not killers) actually who are looking up to him as a role model. HI, I'm looking for a specific clip in the movie before Che is killed (I believe) the soldier with him asks what he believes in, if he doesn't believe in god, and he answers by pointing to his chest, in a universal manner, and saying this, meaning, the human spirit. I am trying to find a clip of this to share and discuss with my friends. Any help would be greatly appreciated, as would a +1, at least until someone can find a link. I think this is a moment truly worth dwelling on.

Btw your land? It says on your profile that ur from canada, and i know mine says i'm in the Uk as that is where I am from, not where I am at the moment. One of the best meaningful movie ever... Look, in the USA you have nothing like Prime Minister Question Time (UK) or in Cuba (I cant recall the name, hwever it features members of the public critising the government to its face-and it has worked, especially late last year when several corrupt people were forced out due to dodgy dealings. And their power turned off for 8hrs lol. Given that I now know even less about the plot than I did 90 seconds ago, this clearly is a masterpiece.

Yes che killed hundreds but the goverments killed thousands more. Concerto. Che piaccia o meno in inglese. This movie was amazing. The parasite was the scammer family. 👍 nice movie highly recommended.






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2019年1月9日. Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group Dan Cheng Che Piao Wu Bai & China Blue One Way Ticket 2011 Moonlight Music Co., Ltd. Profile. Movie: Ticket; Chinese: 车票 (Che Piao) Director: Jacob Cheung; Writer: Yali Zhu; Producer: Hsiao-ming Hsu; Cinematographer: Ardy Lam; Release.