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Abigail Grey (Quinn Shephard) reluctantly goes back to school after some troubles. She is bullied by mean cheerleader Jennifer (Trieste Kelly Dunn) and her group. They call her Sybil and slut. New drama teacher Jeremy Woods (Chris Messina) assigns the Arthur Miller play 'The Crucible' to the class. He notices the bullying and gives an important role to Abigail relegating Jennifer as the understudy. This starts with a bit of Heather. It's going on a predictable but still compelling path. Then it goes away from the path. First, there is the classroom scene where Abigail turns the table on Jennifer. It leaves Abigail as an unreliable character. It would work if it fully commits but it simply left me questioning her with no resolution. Next is the journal entry. I would think any girl would take a picture with her phone. The rumor could spread and the plot moves forward. Instead, that plot sorta stalls until the climax. Also the climax introduces something which is left hanging. Overall, there is a lot of interesting work from young new filmmaker Quinn Shephard but it's not quite sharp enough with too many loose threads and not enough payoff.