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This was quite the fun and somewhat enjoyable effort. One of the more fruitful areas with this one is the fact that it does engage in quite a lot of really appealing work to convince the car's actually haunted. The fact that it's completely innocuous looking on the outside makes the events that happen in the car all the more frightening, with the strange eerie moaning and the gasping noises from the backseat despite her being the only one in the car, the continuous incidents that she believes have played out yet no one else can corroborate her story or the way it won't leave her alone to carry on her life and keeps dragging her back into the fray makes for some creepy times here. The way this continues on throughout here, from the different points of her breaking insanity due to her false hysterics freaking out over incidents everyone laughs off afterward to the great action presented at the back-end which features her going through the last trick to get them out of the car out on the highway that gives this a solid, action-packed finale. Now, there are a few flaws to be found here. The film's biggest problem is that it isn't really all that well-versed in offering plenty of jump-scares or even features a lot of suspenseful moments here, content to play to the slow-burn as it features her going insane over what the cars' actually doing to her rather than featuring the ghostly actions driving this along. The film really seems to slow down once she gets to the town and visits her family, which really doesn't have much in the way of action that generates any kind of excitement in what's happening. The middle section here ends being so slowly paced that it doesn't really feature any kind of action as it's basically more about her pleading with others to believe her stories and going around to investigate the past that it doesn't feature any kind of ghostly actions at all, and some of the activity featured isn't all that creepy anyway. The idea that the film consists a lot more on her behavior twists at that point onward so it doesn't get any kind of impressive chills out of the scenes with the way it takes rather bland setups as supposedly creepy and can make this one drag during these parts so it does have some problems to point out.

In a stroke for independence, a young woman buys a car for a road- trip to see her parents only for the car's increasingly odd and creepy behavior to lead her to find out the truth about its strange past and when she learns the dark secret tries to keep it from controlling her. "mr. Watch Full. Mr. Wrong Without Paying Without Sign Up … Searches related to watch Mr. Wrong online...

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