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1.35 Laura from Evil Within, anyone. Rotgut Quicksilver Flask Lasts 6.00 Seconds Consumes (30-40) of 50 Charges on use 40% increased Movement Speed Requires Level 40 (50-100) increased Charges used 50% chance to gain a Flask Charge when you deal a Critical Strike (10-30) increased Movement Speed during Flask effect Consumes Frenzy Charges on use Gain Onslaught for 2 seconds per Frenzy Charge on use 50% increased Duration Rancid. Rotgut - The Official Binding of Isaac: Antibirth Wiki, Synonyms for rotgut at Thesaurus with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for rotgut. Rotgut, Definition of Rotgut by Merriam-Webster, Fusel alcohols or fuselol, also sometimes called fusel oils in Europe, are mixtures of several alcohols (chiefly amyl alcohol) produced as a by-product of alcoholic fermentation. The word Fusel is German for "bad liquor. Whether fusel alcohol contributes to hangover symptoms is a matter of scientific debate. A Japanese study in 2003 concluded: the fusel oil in whisky had no effect on the. Urban Dictionary: rotgut. Rotgut definition, cheap and inferior liquor. See more. Not just cheap, but terrible liquor designed mostly to get you wasted and not much else. The term originated in the old west when many alcoholic beverages were designed purely to be easily afforded by anyone and their dog and to get the drinker hammered, often times, these cheap alcohols would make the drinker sick (due to the extremely low-quality of the ingredients.


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Rotgut Synonyms, Rotgut Antonyms, Thesaurus. Rotgut - definition of rotgut by The Free Dictionary. Rotgut (2012. Rotgut - Official Path of Exile Wiki, Rotgut definition is - cheap or inferior liquor. Recent Examples on the Web Moonshine that falls into the rotgut category could be dangerous and even deadly for anyone desperate enough to drink it. — Alan Ashe, CNN, It's National Moonshine answer your questions, 7 June 2018. Rotgut is one of the bosses that can appear in Corpse... Behavior [edit, edit source. In its first form, Rotgut spawns stationary in the middle of the room. It has a few attacks: Protrudes a second mouth which spews brown shots, bones, Small Maggots, and Globin goo.; Fires bloody shots in all directions. Directed by Billy Garberina. With Jeremy Owen, Paul Alsing, Megan Pribyl, Israel Wright. A seedy downtown bar on a quiet Sunday morning becomes a battleground for Armageddon, when a batch of bad booze contaminates the alcohol supply of the local drunks. Carrying a mutated worm, the tainted tequila infects all who drink it, swiftly turning them into ravenous shots for brain-eating worms. Rotgut, Definition of Rotgut by Lexico, Rotgut, Definition of Rotgut at Dictionary. Fusel alcohol. Long, long before he slipped Viagra Down his throat, and washed it down With 3-Barrel rotgut, His favourite gargle from Iganmu, Libelled home-made brandy as in Home-made democracy, the Gunner Was a goner.