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Stumped Whatever… (How Much Stumped. Watch Stumped Online Bravo... English Full Movier.


Wish she didn't make the accent. Those guys are gonna have sore knees later. Will the writers of Dexter please do something soon.


Just shut up and climb man... Thank you for the amazing video, idk how they acquired such phenomenal strength... I'm thinking is after this my hands would probably be raw bleeding stumps. Noone told them about the elevator. This is absolutely amazing,the determination and inner strength and agility of these climbers is just overwhelming,how they visualise were each grip is baffles me,I admire them for what they do and how their mental strength drives them onward and upward,I only climb ladders and that makes my legs do an impersonation of a rocknroller suffering an electric shock,be safe and may you reach the pinnacle of your dreams,AMEN.





Stumped. I like how I just watched another rock climbing video were a guy said It is all about having fun and then I went to this video and most of the time they just scream as if they were angry enough to kill someone xD. Dude has a crazy long neck.


*Man screams in guttural pain several times before falling ass backwards into solid rock Man this looks like a fun hobby. When Chris Sharma says a climb has really crappy holds, son, you better believe those are some crappy holds.






I hope this does well. Love Walton Goggins. Pff... call me when they free solo it. Omg who knew Logan was gonna end up being a doctor. Surely not Rory.

Did expect to enjoy it as much as I did. I am pleasantly surprised

The dark crystal deserves a remake, in my opinion. its a decent movie but it had so much potential to offer. but i must agree that many remakes are getting out of hand lately. So netflix does not have the money to keep producing the Shadowhunters but it does to produce that new fantastic show the Dark Chrystal. come on ! SERIOUSLY.

Yoshha... A Dream team was born. This looks like a lot of fun. 0:56 = Vegeta. Can't wait for this! Matt Czuchry looks great.

This is the epitome of human achievement

The golden compass as a series WHATTT.

He has a mustache on his bottom lip

Try climbing that neck. Its fine Ussops nose has been broken in almost every arc of the series hell survive. Snowpiercer. but why. Check out her arm pits or her leg likes the hair life yep. People mag had it. I know I should show these guys massive respect. They spent years refining such an amazing craft and have so much talent. But as soon as he starts screaming at 2:52, I can't help but laugh every single time. I would love to have 2:57 to 3:01 put on constant repeat in a separate video for 1 hour, or day straight.