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Ekhrajiha 1 full movie. Ekhrajiha torrent. Ekhrajiha 2007 movie. Ekhrajiha 3 full movie in urdu youtube. Ekhrajiha 2. The movie is the story of a gang of men who decide to participate in Iran-Iraq war, also known as First Gulf War, which lasted from September 1980 to August 1988. The main character, Suzuki, who is there to satisfy his beloved's father that he is worthy of marrying his daughter, goes through some moving experiences in the war and his character changes to a level that he even tries to sacrifice himself to save the others in the war. The movie ends by his martyrdom. مجید از اراذل جنوب تهران عاشق دختر پیرمرد عارفی به نام میرزا می شود. میرزا شرط ازدواج مجید و دخترش را سر به راه شدن او می داند. مجید تصمیم می گیرد برای اثبات سر به راه شدن خود به جبهه برود که بقیه دوستانش نیز همراه او می شوند. برای حضور آنها در جبهه مخالفت هایی وجود دارد اما با ضمانت میرزا و یکی دیگر رزمنده ها آنها به پادگان آموزشی می رسند... Actor Akbar Abdi (اکبر عبدی‎) Sepand Amir Soleimani (سپند امیرسلیمانی) Manoochehr Azari ( منوچهر آذری) Kambiz Dirbaz (کامبیز دیرباز) Negar Foroozandeh ( نگار فروزنده‎) Abolfazl Hamrah, Javad Hashemi ( سیدجواد هاشمی پوراصل‎) Mina Jafar Zadeh ( مینا جعفر زاده) Alireza Oosivand ( علی اوسیوند) Fakhreddin Seddigh Sharif (فخرالدین صدیق شریف) Mohammad Reza Sharifinia (محمدرضا شریفی نیا) Niousha Zeighami (نیوشا ضیغمی‎) Arjang Amirfazli (ارژنگ امیرفضلی) Ghasem Zare, Mahmoud Maghami (محمود مقامی) Amin Hayaei (امین حیایی) Abdolreza Akbari (عبدالرضا اکبری) Shohreh Lorestani (شهره لرستانی.

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Ekhrajiha_3. Ekhrajiha 3 full movie. Ekhrajiha 1 full movie in urdu. Watch Ekhrajiha 3 (اخراجی‌ها 3) Full Movie Synopsis The war has ended and the outcasts and their comrades have returned to the city and each has gone after their own life. A live TV show is trying to invite some of the warriors to participate in a program, the critical condition of one of the brothers-in-arms sends him to the hospital but because of some accidents along the way, he arrives at the hospital late and nearly loses his life and this gives an excuse for the participation of the former comrades in the hospital who now each has a new personality and… Original title اخراجی‌ها 3.

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