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6:07 nope. This gonna be a dark movie. Embarasing story, but when i played the original Prey a while ago, i shit my pants when the children were massacered, and I THREW the game away in a trashcan. Im older. wiser. and im back for some Pay back... To make this right, someone has to die. Oh Jesus christ please don't send me back in time to kill JFK Bethesda/Arkane. I thought prey 2 was about a badass alien bounty hunter, and not a psychologically demented astronaut. Still this game doesn't look bad in all honesty, but they should have called it something else.


Seriously, give Arkane a chance. I also seen prey 2 trailer and it is really awesome but sadly humanhead studio who created the original prey went bankrupt therefore unable to complete the second prey. Bethesda, which I assume has no experience with creating this game had to force to cancel instead of continuing it worrying that they may create a shitty prey game. But honestly I'm surprised that arkane is willing to recreate the prey franchise. This game had looked so promising. Cruel fate. Love this music. If you were going to be in Britain you should have said kilometers lolol. I remember Indians. Aliens, abduction. A girlfriend, maybe. I have no idea what this is, but it isn't prey. Not actually really gameplay graphics. Games looks awful compared to this trailer.

Wakanda forever.


Looks like another Virtual Reality Game.