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This movie is a combination of all STEP UP series movies.
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Story of Jodha kotha guru. End te ammy virk nu laguga v main sonam nu hi pyar karda te oh 2nd viah cancel kruga, j eh end hoeya film da ta fer film flop aa. baki oh dialogue jva sirrra 😂😂 sarya toh airre di shaant k mere gal paati 😂😂 end... Pls tell. as to which websites all jharkandi movi can download. This is an another classic film of Rajesh Khanna with the same director (Mr. Mohan Kumar) after all time classic Avataar. But the most significant fact is to watch in this film, the classic performance of Mr. Khanna in a completely different way of characterization that no body can say that this is the same old man of Avataar. This 'otherness' can only be seen in Rajesh Khanna so far as Indian movies are concerned. It is so because his way of expressing a character just comes directly through heart, which makes every character natural and life like. The characterization of Mr. Amrit Lal is not an exception. Here we again watch our beloved Super Star Actor with a very strong performance played with the another great Late Smita Patil instead of another great Shabana Azmi (Avataar. I rate this movie as an excellent one, as it truly portrays the social image of average Indian family in real sense.

Ae hun HD upload kr deo. Deep Sidhu's voice is dominating. Phela comment kita sabh ton nd 1st like, malak mehar kre 👍👍. Ghaint aw movie👌🏻👌🏻. Good job. Background score was #suprbbb trailer was Gud wait to watch in Telugu #Ninnuvadilinenupolenule. Indian punjabi movies are the true representative of our punjabi culture. Respect from pakistan ❤. Nice like me.


Nice song Kon kon sun reha ji 2019 Vich Rply krke dseo HIT like 😍😘. Any one after gaulab sidhu interview. Very gud trailer: maza aa gya binnu paaji great watch this movie first day first how best punjabi film seems to be. Bambukat to baad bde fitftea 2. Kehne aa gaana unlike kita udi taan.





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