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Polas pics. What an absolutely superb film. Well written, cast and shot. Thoroughly enjoyed it, watching it with wife and chums.
However, the film is rated 15, and with an 11yr old daughter who was desperate to see this film (a trailer was screened with Tangled, a PG) she wasn't able to go and see it. So when it comes out on DVD/BluRay would I let her watch it? I'd have to say yes - and not because I'm under immense pressure from her either. I'll not give the film away, but there is a vast bucket load of swearing in it - but it's all in a very funny context and not at all aggressive or intimidating. There is no nudity that I could spot, there are one or two scantily clad women, but nothing more revealing than you'd see on, say, Star Wars. There are a couple of deaths in the film, some drug use, and the thorny subject of religion is challenged (and then stamped on.
So if any of these things have you worried, watch it first and you decide. Personally, I think the rating should be a 12. By that age they should know and understand what they see and hear, and the difference between right and wrong.
Thoroughly enjoyed the film, highly recommend it.
You chaps on the certification board - get real.

Polastorm. Polas maria.