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The Prestige: Now That's Magic




Actually the title made me laugh. Does anyone needed an explanation for The Prestige? The first time I saw it I knew what was going on, no aditional explanation, when I watched agian and again, I only enjoy the film even more because some details I missed... I like both... I assume that some magicians have done this trick before, but how about doing something a bit harder ? Like setting up the doors facing the audience and have the magicians assistant walk through the first set of double doors and come out the 2nd set of doors in a different dress. You still love them right? I mean i for one am glad that Nolan can deliver me big action alongside a good story, few people left in filmaking doing that nowadays.

Stopped listening at dark knight rises was chiefly about two men hitting each other. Another hack that can't understand real themes. No that comes later on in the movie. I love Nicola Tesla because of this movie Nolan is Amazing. A classic magic movie. One of my favorites. 3. Prestige or this. Just watched,maybe the best movie ever. @fukem187 the dark night has just as much depth as memento and the prestige you just have to pay close attention especially because it was focusing on multiple characters like Wayne, joker, Gordon, and Harvey dent.

In the end it was all just an ILLUSION. Well, except for the innocent guy they put in jail, oh and the Prince shooting himself in the head, but aside from those minor details... just and ILLUSION. The animated version was hella better if you havent seen it. Sorry this is a shit movie... Go watch The Prestige instead... one of my favorites. Hmmm, yes, indeed, I agree. WHAT. Speak faster. One of the most underrated films of all time. Only 3 comments. Two men hitting each other, AND. xD. What? Then how did Angier get 50ft away in a second? No. That is completely NOT what Nolan was thinking when he made The Prestige. Also, Dark Knight Rises, Inception and Intersteller were all shit compared to Prestige, Memento and Dark Knight.

You have just made The Prestige even more of a masterpiece.