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Chasing the Win. 'Chasing the Win. Film Review, Ready Steady Cut. Chasing the wind this providence. Chasing the Win Reviews - Metacritic. Chasing the wind pbs. Chasing the win trailer. Chasing the win amazon. Chasing the win money. CHASING THE WIN is a documentary feature film that follows the meteoric rise of a rookie trainer, a long time owner, and their beloved racehorse after an unprecedented victory thrusts them into the global spotlight of horse racing. Success and fame are followed by the hard hitting reality of what it means to survive in the Sport of Kings.

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CHASING THE WIN is a documentary feature film that follows the meteoric rise of a rookie trainer, a.
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Watch Chasing the Win (2016) Full Movie Free Streaming. CHASING THE WIN follows the meteoric rise of a rookie trainer, a down-on-his-luck owner, and their imperfect racehorse after an unprecedented victory thrusts them into the global spotlight of horse racing. Success and fame are followed by the hard-hitting reality of what it means to survive in the Sport of Kings. Chasing the final page. Chasing the wind lyrics. The serviceable, behind-the-scenes documentary "Chasing the Win" follows a 20,000 Kentucky-bred gelding called Kinsale King as it competed in high-stakes international events against horses that.

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Don't run the horse in a claimer and it can't get claimed. So adorable.

They dont go to nice places-they go to slaughter horses and random buyers

Watched this at the Aspen Film Festival today. Great documentary. My thoughts after reading the title was the horrible practice of killing these limp horses for meat and glue. O_O I know that was bad thinking on my part, but we know the history and reality of what happened to horses back then. All for the mighty dollar. These horses deserve better. Far better retirement than being passed around like that. Good on the kind hearted man to run a retirement facility for these beings. My dad and i have 400 acres here in Ensenada Mexico, seeded with alfalfa, oats, barly and dandy lions. Plenty of room to have them roam free and no need to be saddled at all. All racehorses deserve that right to be treated like kings after they are dome at the racetrack. Question is how do i get them to the property.

Live into their 20s? Try 40s. A winner, Don! Will share. Where can we see it on demand. Cute dogs. I no longer like horse racing.  It's barbaric and causes a lot of premature injuries and causes many to  be disabled before their time.  They are beautiful animals and deserve to have a good life.  I'm so glad that people like you care about these horses and give them a good home.   But those who never have a chance to have that life after racing makes me sick and how they are treated.  My hope is that all horses will be treated right. Mr Jacobson claim the horse and ran him, he did it for the money, what is she talking about, she does even know, how did they horse get to that level, Jacobson did not do it, he liked the horse no matter what age he was he took his own money and bought the horse, she let the horse go, she is not in charge of the horse not more, that is right one review said she have not let the horse get the point of running him so low, she did it for the money plain and simple, instead of her just retired him when she had to, but no she wanted that 16.000 dollars to put in her pocket instead to just retire him what a joke, please respond, thank you, Mitch Green.

They need to close ALL slaughter houses

Does anyone know of any off the track thoroughbred adoption places or websites? I want to find a good rescue and get a few to train ect and give a good home.