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Camp hollywood 2018. Camp hollywood imdb. Camp hollywood tuna. Camp hollywood star. Camp hollywood documentary wiki. Camp hollywood movie. Camp hollywood swing dance. Camp hollywoodland. Camp hollywood team 2019 lindy. I just saw this documentary on Sundance channel. I worked on movies and TV for five years while living in LA in the 80's. in production, grip, electric, effects, and even video assist (where I got to read the paper on set and not get in trouble.) I remember one grip's shirt that sums up the drive that I've felt in many of my co-workers, it read, What I really want to do is direct." Natch… And then, there are the actors. Who doesn't know someone who has a dream of acting? Anyone who has spent more than a day in LA has met these dreamers in person. (Often they're the ones reading off the daily specials at tony and not-so-tony restaurants.) I have always loved the earthy soulful qualities of Canadians and Canada. I appreciate the balance they give to their crazy cowboy neighbor to the South. Compared to the posing and fronting that we hold forth as 'mericans, Canadians are so refreshingly upfront and human – generally speaking, of course.