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Is Korbit holding anyone else's bitcoin hostage? x-post from r/korea] r/Bitcoin.
Cursed hostage (x-post.
I've heard it's out in the US but the rest of us don't seem to have any outlets to see it.

From Stefanie Joosten's YT Channel: Hostage X Official Teaser Trailer. Hostage X 2018 English Movie HDRip.


Cursed_Hostage (x-post. So has anyone seen stefanie's movie 'Hostage X' yet. Basically we all had a student flat over the year. Towards the second half of a year one of our flatmates were starting to struggle towards rent and fell behind about 600. In response to this our landlord has taken our deposits (held with a 3rd party) until it's paid however from speaking to him over facebook, it seems clear that paying off his debt is not a priority for him and that we will most likely not be seeing our deposit money. I was wondering if there is any grounds for a small claims.

In which Trump takes a million DREAMers hostage. (x-post from /r/comics. My account was accidentally disabled (wife clicked the "wasn't me/disable link in email while not paying attention. I submitted a request to unlock a couple of hours shy of 11 full days ago. I have an enhanced verified account, provided a copy of my passport with a picture of me holding it with the dated note, immediately after getting the autogenerated message thing. I submitted a request in the same ticket for an update on why it was taking so long (a full week ago) but did not ge.