Hot Body Quick Strips: Blondes Tease, Brunettes Please Watch For Free Torrent Part 1 Torrents directors Scott Hylton




Its all in her eyes. They sweep over the room like she isnt even listening. I know she is. Weve been here before. Not physically here per se, but in this situation; sitting basically on top of one another in a dark dive bar that isnt too far from our townhouse. She likes the atmosphere; I like the gin. I know that if I asked her to, she could repeat whatever I have been babbling about for the last several minutes verbatim. She would twist a lock of auburn hair around her finger while she rat.


Whelp, I really screwed the pooch on this one. I have no doubt that, if you havent already, you will soon hear about, or quite possibly experience some serious happenings in the world. Im writing this all down now to 1) give you fair warning and to give you a target for your likely ire, and 2) as a form or repentance I suppose. I know there will be those of you out there who will truly enjoy what is to come, but for the rest of you I am sorrier than you can ever possibly know or believe. When Gods Descend. Me and The Three “Straight” Guys Part 5.