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Ha! The duo we never knew we needed. Loving this prequel to Ocean's 8. Legit thought this was going to be about British people. Seems like my kind of game! I'm pretty excited for this to come out. This is worst trailer i ever seen. How about the English version. Anne never seems to age. Just wow, shes so gorgeous.

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Gorgeous 💏 comedy :D. I HAVE BEEN WAITING TO SEE THESE TWO IN ONE MOVIE. AHHH! ❤️❤️❤️. This was unexpected. Haha. Love it. Look like a funny movie. Oh joy. The emo soiboi sith. Pretty girl. take my 5 for the matinee. Wheres Luffy. Ocean's 8 1/2 starring Rebel Wilson. Shirtless Kylo Ren is back.






Only Chris Pratt will look villainous with that fully bearded presentation. I couldn't take him seriously without it. Here for Alisha boe. Idiots shud stay away from winch. Elastic habitat definition. Elastic habitat for humanity restore. The man who killed don quixote. This trailer confused confused me much. Elastic habitation. Elastic habitat video. Jajaja muero por verlo. 👑Supscribe💜me☄. There are so many uncultured weebs in this comment section talking about One Piece.

Elastic habitat clothing. Saw this at it's London premiere, cannot recommend it enough. What tha... Look its kylo ren. I'm not so sure about the accent. I feel like this guy could play like a young Dutch van deer linde. Excited.





I'm already crying.


Minecraft: Rtx off Last year: RTX ON. Anne Hathaway's accent is too cringey. This is gonna be great. I cant wait. Ps. Young guns was awsome. OH MAN, that fiend ripping off the classmate's head and eating it was so brutal. I got really emotional with the trailer only, i cant imagine how it would be with the movie. 0:35 Kylo-Ren : Oh no, wrong movie. Amazingly Hilarious 😂😂🤣.






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