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Lagaan brought me here. Amélie should've won. Mike Ditka! 2:14. Trebali su vas sve pobit. Tko je poceo rat! Tko je poceo rat! Ha! OK, mi smo poceli rat. Vi ste poceli rat i ne seri vise jer mi stvarno ides na kurac, ajd napolje mars! Hahahaha. @PepeHorne Sto lazes,VI STE POCELI RAT. @ironmaidenfanish svinje jedne, VI STE POCELI RAT. D. The chemistry between Sharon Stone and John Travolta is just amazing! They should make a movie together. By the way, Son of the Bride should have won. @movie4YU ZAPAD je poceo rat i jel ti sad jasno kao i svuda u svetu sta radi,poslednja destinacija Libija,a ocekujemo isti program i nove epizode u drugim zemljama na koje je zapad digao kurac.

IRA FTW. @ironmaidenfanish VI STE POCELI RAT. No other place on other can beat Indian film industries. The y have the best plots, dialogues, ironies, and most importantly, the music. The music to me is why lagaan especially should have won. An excellent film. No other film I've ever seen so perfectly mixes humour and tragedy.
What's more, this film isn't for a moment melodramatic or forced. The actors are perfect - and this film has a bullsh* factor of zero.
From my admittedly limited knowledge of the Balkan wars, the story seems to be told from a neutral standpoint, though I don't think any of the actors, writers etc. were Serb.
Funniest scene: A Bosnian soldier is bored on the lines, reading a newspaper. He's very disturbed to read about what's happening in Rwanda. pretty hilarious reaction from his comrade, lol.
In sum, this is a really well-made film, that manages to tell a story about this horrible war that is at times really funny, and never once becomes melodramatic. Thankfully, it is the antithesis to the Hollywood war epic.
10 stars.

Pa rat je poceo u sloveniju a ne u bosnu. Sad koji opalio prvi metak, u bosni, je totalno irelevantno. Sad ako si objektivan srbin, kao ja, onda vidis da su stvarno srbi preterali sa tu svoju veliku srpsku ideologiju! Ja kao srbin necu nikada da kazem da smo mi poceli rat, jesu srbi ali oni nisu moji. Ahh Jugoslavijo moja. Hajmo da je sastavimo opet ex Jugo nasa.


Ann Carrick pretty cute in this 's sister and Billy Isles under cover cop great film. @TETREBDjordje Daj covjece nemoj biti glup. To je isto ko da kazes da su Srbi poceli Prvi svjetski rat, jer je Gavrilo Princip ubio Franca Ferdinanda. to je apsurdno. Činjenica je da ste vi samo cekali povod da nas stvar,u Srebrenicu su dovodjeni muskarci i iz okolnih mjesta i gradova,a ne samo iz Srebrenice, i 8000 nije izmisljena cifra,ona nazalost stalno raste, jer se pronalaze nove masovne grobnice. Neka svi koji su krivi odgovaraju, bili oni Srbi,Bošnjaci ili Hrvati.

Alo ustaso,pun si kompleksa idi ih malo leci,izgleda da su tebi silovali kevu,a tebe malo u supak jebali,sigurno si hteo da posetis onu pedersku povorku danas sto je otkazana u bgu i sada si pun mrznje! Znam hoce to,jbg nisi ti kriv sto si PEDERCINA,sto volis da ga primas u bulju,a primali ste ga samo tako tokom devedesetih! SMRT FASIZMU,SMRT USTASAMA. Jebali smo vas onda JEBACEMO VAS OPET. Sada cete da pocnete da koristite hijeroglife kao i vasi prijatelji Albanci,polizite i njima bulju.

Sure, but then its Yugoslavian. This scene was brought to you by Pepsi.  “Be Young, Have Fun, Drink Pepsi”. No it isn't. Šta se svi kurčite kad smo mi počeli rat. Ameri su poceli rat. Cetnici poceli rat. Svadje i o pricama koje poceo Rat nema ebamo da gledamo u vi svi smo neko i nesto... a sada nam se smije cijela je bilo, bilo je... buducnost je vazna...





Into No Mans Land - A 6000 Mile Expedition. No man's land beef jerky. No man's land zoekt altijd en overal naar de allerbeste kwaliteiten. Om je favoriete kledingstukken lang mooi te houden, delen we enkele tips & tricks voor verschillende materialen. Comfortabel Dutch design en Italiaanse elegantie zijn binnen no man's land onlosmakelijk met elkaar verbonden.

No man's land film. No man's land movie 2019. The following weapons appear in the film No Man's Land: Čiki (Branko Đurić. Đuro" uses an AKS-47 with two magazines taped together throughout the film. Because the handguards appear to be Bakelite, this is likely a Bulgarian AKS-47. No Man's random.

2003, the year No Man's Land was released on Windows. Made by Related Designs Software GmbH and published by CDV Software Entertainment AG, this strategy game is available for free on this page. No Man's Land. Windows - 2003. Alt names. 无主之地, . No Man's Land (2001) — The Movie Database (TMDb.

No man's land wwi. No Man's random thoughts. No man's land game. Fiction / Creative Nonfiction Fabulous By Michael Amon Edward T. Larkin, Thomas B. Ahrens. Fiction / Creative Nonfiction Displaced Persons By Natascha Wodin Mandy Wight. Fiction / Creative Nonfiction Julio, el Portero By Inger-Maria Mahlke Alexandra Roesch. Fiction / Creative Nonfiction Banishment.

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The ending of this movie is fantastic. When I first saw it i remember it could not stop thinking about it for days. I would love to see you do A Bridge Too Far.


No Man's Land is the term used by soldiers to describe the ground between the two opposing trenches. Its width along the Western Front could vary a great deal. Ko je poubijao nase ljude. ne znam. tvoji vidis da su i na tebe pucali KRVAVO HAHA. Ustaša će ti doć u onaj jebeni četnički sandžak i dignut u zrak celu obitelj pa ćeš onda s pravom reć srbi od mjulvokija do tokija. I had Theater arts when I was in the 7th grade I couldn't stand it I spent most of my days in the nurses office avoiding that Class. Lagaan and Amelie were pretty good actually. Aug 20, 2015 "No Man's Land" was a popular term during the First World War to describe the area between opposing armies and trench lines. How it came to.

Oh, I remember this! I saw it a long time ago. It was great.

That's old movie he probably hate Porsche now

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Sep 8, 2014 During World War I, No Man's Land was both an actual and a metaphorical space. It separated the front lines of the opposing armies and was. Sep 30, 2015 What exactly is No Man's Land? It may be the space on a battlefield between two opposing front lines, a buffer zone between two countries or a.

Rating 93% 98. Encyclopedia - No Man's Land - First World. Mozda jeste, ali su to samo srbi na Tv-u vidjeli. I have driven a couple of vehicles that people would generally consider nice. I had a 4 cylinder ranger, and currently drive a 4 cylinder Tacoma. However the best car I have ever driven was an 1985 Porsche 911 that belonged to my driving instructor. It was the same as the one in this movie except it didn't have the spoiler in the back. It was the first time that I had driven a manual car. You didn't even have to sit in the driver's seat to see and feel the build quality of this machine. As soon as you open the door, you can feel how well the car was put together. New cars today are so expensive, and still can't touch the level of quality of these old Porsche's. When I can afford it, I will find one of these.


While No man's land is a good movie, Amélie should have been the rightful winner

The license plate on the Camaro reads Malo 1

No man's land.

No Man's Land won because that's the only title they could understand

No man's land is land that is unoccupied or is under dispute between parties who leave it unoccupied due to fear or uncertainty. The term was originally used to. No Man's Land (disambiguation) Batman: No Man's Land Zone Rouge. No Man's Land, Facts, Summary, Overview & WW1, Revision Notes. Kako naoruzani seperatisti kad se uzdignu protiv drzave mogu da kazu kad drzavna vojska reaguje da su oni neduzni i da nisu krivi sto je rat poceo gde je tu logika da niste verocali zapadnim placenicima od politicara ne bi ni bili u ovakvoj situaciji a sta ste postigli? da li se ekonomija poboljsala, nije ; da li ste dobili mir, niste stalno strahujemo cija ce drzava prva zakucati na cija vrata postigli ste samo smrt i mrznju.

Rating 7.9/10 (42,796.
No Man's Land, International Encyclopedia of the First World War.
The Legend of What Actually Lived in the "No Man's Land" Between.
Film je nevjerovatan! Vi, nacionalisti, sada nije '93 i prestanite sa sranjima, vrijeme je da se okrenemo budućnosti.

Super je film. Posteno Srbi(mi) su započeli rat dabi vratili staru Jugu. No Man's Land (2001. 3:40 the UN was almost always useless, as far as peace-keeping missions go.



9.8/ 10stars


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