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Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises Rainbow Blood Tim Hecker Harmony in Ultraviolet 2006 Tim Hecker Released on: 2006-10-16 Auto-generated by YouTube. The Help. Not sure if it's possible but if it is I would VERY much appreciate it Here's a picture.





I already know where his mines would be useful, behind shields, I hope Ash mains will be magnetically attached to my caltrops, just like they are to my welcome matts and booby traps. 4:20 Ela deserved the shorts more if you know what i mean. I believe that those mines will mostly be used for limiting the speed this is going to be the main use now about the damage i believe it's gonna be like twitch's drone low damage probably 10-15 damage but we'll see. Also since we didn't get a sniper oparators this season so one of the next season attacker will be sniper remember the bolt action animation bug? Plus in one of the oparators shadow when season 2 revealed had a sniper.

Next week plan: 1. Look how much I have money and how much a new ssd cost 2. Go to buy the ssd 3. Uninstall R6 4. Install R6 to the new ssd 5. Wait the new operators 6. Pick Ela really fast 7. Get team killed and look when s/he is tbagging me and lookin my ass. 5:50 On the wall is proof these are real people. Sry but wtf lesion got 7 of these ! That's toooo much for real. I came before blood orchid and after velvet shell,what was the update? Only ogs know. He looks abit like Arty from the game dirty bomb, don't u think. If u have the year 2 pass will u get the operators free. Who is everyone getting. Who thinks pluse should be an attacker. Lesion might need a nerf. As only iq can spot them and some teammates just don't communicate.

We have the map trailer, we have the ops. teasers, IT'S ONLY ABOUT TIME BEFORE THE OPS. TRAILERS COME OUT SO MUCH HYPE. If you look closely to the window you can see water drop. Maybe ubisoft will had a rain weather effect. Like so coreross can see. I knew the update was to make IQ more useful. Looks like Lesion will be OP in hostage. Don't care. I want my bullets to work when i shoot enemies, thats all i care about. He looks dope tbh. Lesion looks over powered he is probably going to get nerfed. LE SION PO SION. Let us not forget that they didn't give Capitao a flip flop as his special weapon like Ubi promised. I'm still personally waiting for the Malaysian GGK or NSOF as playable operators.

Legion should have 5 goo mines 7 seems o.p to me





I miss outbreak. It was the best thing to happen to siege. Oh the nostalgia.


Rainbow loom instructions. I LOVE POLAND KURVA MAC. Rainbow blood draw what colors. 2:13 why was Doc with Blitz? XD. Ironically, not only is it Rambo 5, but it also looks like it could pass for a decent Home Alone 6.


Rainbow blood draw tubes. Rainbow blood bowl. Rainbow blood gash sketch.

Finally the operator from my country thank ubi but you could give some teks in polish

Rainbow blood sugar.

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Rainbow blood cell. Rainbow blood pressure.






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