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Cruising movie.



Cruisingpower login agent. Cruising power. I avoided writing a full-length review of this film because I have little to say about it. I find it disgusting and pointless. It's about a serial killer who goes around New York City's gay areas and murders various homosexual men. Enter Al Pacino as the good guy who tries to solve the case.
Why is this movie often regarded as one of Pacino and Friedkin's worst films? Because it is nothing but a vile motion picture, lacking heart and even worse, a point. Take, for instance, the fact that it is supposedly all about gays in New York (the MPAA had an uproar over this film, which was nearly rated X, and is still, to this day, very controversial in its exploitative nature) but yet the opening credits tell us that it's not an accurate portrayal of gay activity in New York. Then what IS it about?
What a mess.

Cruising in the caribbean. Cruisin.






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