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So strange after watching it all happen live; it wasn't so long ago. Always incredible to witness history being made. I did not watch this movie for the story or plot. I watched this movie b/c Pike was in it, she was fantastic as usual. Nick Nolte was great as well. Ordering the book now. Nope FEMINISM, just NOPE. Where's i can watch this movie for free. Marsai Martin (that small girl) is with 14 the youngest executive producer in Hollywood of all time ✊👏👏.

This the kind of movie I'd actually watch IN CINEMA. Booked preordered through BAM, looking fwd to the read. A Christian movie that's actually good? Get out of here. Freedom. Bhosiri q coppy rait lagate ho. This is just a documentary.


Blood Diamond music, love it. The book is a wonderful inspiration everyone should read it.